Jones Wrecker Service
1598 Hwy 52 West Crossett, Arkansas 71635
(870) 364-6043

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John in Sheridan, AR *****
Me and my sister was traveling back from a funeral and made a wrong turn ended up going down an old dirt road and got stuck on the side of the road. I then asked my handy dandy smart phone what the nearest towing service was and up popped jones towing service. I called the number and after two rings Curtis answered and immediately sprung into action. He assured me over and over that he would find us. I had no idea where we where other than where my GPS on my phone told me. But Curtis was up to the challenge to find us and he did. He looked the situation over and in no time he had us pulled out and on his flat bed truck on our way to the main road to freedom. When he unloaded my car he made sure we knew how to get home from our location. And BTW he even took a shovel and dug my car out to insure that I would not have any damage when he pulled me out. Curtis was friendly and professional all the way. If you need a tow I recommend this company hands down. Thanks Curtis. God Bless.
Jeff in Crossett, AR *****
Hard working salt of the of earth guys dedicated trustworthy dependable and honest . give them a call

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